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Please review the following policies regarding fees and application procedures.

    Fee Transparency:
  • Prior to joining, it's essential to understand all associated fees. We commit to providing you with necessary fee information - please note that any additional details may require direct contact to the board and MLS.
    Membership Responsibilities:
  • As a member, you are responsible for all dues, fines, and listing fees associated with Board/MLS membership.
    Application Deadline:
  • If you’re a new member to MLS or a current member switching from the previous brokerage - please note that completion of Board/MLS application forms is required within 48 business hours of receiving them. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a $20 charge and removing your license from the appropriate roster.
    It is preferred that the company email is used for registration with the board and MLS.
  • Reinstating your membership incurs an additional $20 fee. Applications for reinstatement must be submitted within 1 business day.
    Application Process:
  • We will provide you with all necessary applications digitally. Please ensure all documents are completed digitally and ready for email submission.


The below apply if you have been removed from the Board and MLS due to outstanding balance.

    Payment Reminder:
  • Apart from the subsequent dues reminders that the board and MLS send out, we will also send reminders to both your personal and company email addresses.
  • Failure to pay dues will result in removal from our roster and complete disassociation from our systems, incurring a disassociation fee of $20 or $25 depending on the state.
  • Reinstatement requires payment of a $100 fee to Spire (plus any applicable Board/MLS reinstatement fees) an additional $20 or $25 re-association fee (depending on the office) and payment of board/MLS dues by 5pm on the same day.

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I understand and agree with the all the information and policies aforementioned.