Exclusive Tenant Representation Agreement

Tenant hereby grants Spire Group Inc. LLC ("Broker" or “Tenant Broker”) the sole and exclusive right during the duration of this agreement to assist Tenant in locating for lease acceptable real estate ("property") as indicated by Tenant signing an offer to lease that is accepted by a Landlord.

  • Exclusive Agency: Tenant agrees that Tenant Broker will act as Tenant’s exclusive agent for the purpose of locating and leasing acceptable real property in New York. Tenant will refer all information received from other brokers, persons, prospective Landlords or any other source to Tenant Broker. Tenant Broker will make the best effort to locate such property and to negotiate terms and conditions on Tenant’s behalf.
  • Duration of Agency: This agreement begins upon signing and ends on , or upon the lease of an acceptable property to Tenant, or by written notice of termination.
  • Consent to disclosed dual Agency.
  • Fees to Tenants Broker. Tenant is advised that all fees are negotiable. If the Landlord of a property For Lease By Owner will not agree to pay a minimum of one months rent. Tenant agrees to compensate Tenant Broker for the difference.
  • Other Potential Tenants. Tenant understands that other potential Tenants may consider, make offers on, or lease through Tenant Broker, the same or similar properties as Tenant is seeking to lease. Tenant hereby consents to Tenant Broker’s representation of such other potential Tenants, as customer or clients, before, during and after the expiration of the agreement. Tenant Broker shall not, however, disclose to Tenant the existence of material terms of any other offer for the lease of any other property made on behalf of other Tenants, nor shall Tenant Broker disclose to other Tenants the existence or material terms of any offer made by Tenant hereunder.
  • Modification of Agreement. No modification of this Agreement will be binding upon the parties unless made in writing and signed by all parties to this Agreement.
  • Compliance with the Law. Spire Group Inc. LLC will not violate any law or regulation, including but not limited to laws prohibiting discrimination of any kind or regulations dealing with fair housing. Spire Group Inc. LLC will immediately terminate this Agreement if, in its opinion, the Tenant seeks either to violate any such law or regulation or seeks the assistance of Spire Group Inc. LLC in the violation of any such law or regulation.
  • Indemnification of Tenants Broker. Tenant will indemnify and hold Spire Group Inc. LLC harmless for any loss, claim, damage, cost, expense or reasonable attorney’s fee arising under this agreement unless Tenant Broker is at fault. If either party should violate the terms of this Agreement, and should the other party retain an attorney as a result of that violation, the party who violated the Agreement shall pay to the other party reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred as a result of the violation.
  • Assignment of Agreement. This agreement is not assignable, and no assignment of your rights in real property will defeat Tenant Broker’s rights under this agreement.
  • Legal Counsel. This document affects your legal rights, and you may have a lawyer review this agreement prior to signing.
  • Notice of Affinity Groups: Tenant acknowledges and agrees that no fees will be due from Tenant Broker to any Third Party.
  • Lease through a competing Broker. Tenant acknowledges that Broker earns its compensation through commissions paid by the Landlord upon the lease of real property. During the term of this Agreement, Tenant agrees not to seek the assistance of any other broker to locate and lease acceptable real property in New York. If the Tenant, after being shown a property by Tenant Broker, seeks the services of another or competing broker to submit an offer for lease of that property, Tenant agrees to notify the competing broker, in writing, of the existence of this Agreement. If Tenant does not notify the competing broker of the existence of this Agreement, Tenant agrees to pay to Tenant Broker a commission equal to that which the Tenant Broker would have received as a cooperating or co-broker of the property which is leased by Tenant.
  • Special Terms and Conditions: The following special terms and conditions are made part of this agreement.

  • Entire Agreement. This is the entire agreement relating to the agency relationship, and all prior agreements are integrated into this agreement.
  • Broker’s Role. Tenant acknowledges that Broker is being retained solely as a real estate agent and not as an attorney, tax advisor, lender, appraiser, structural engineer, home inspector or other professional service provider. Tenant is advised to seek professional advice concerning the condition of the property and legal and tax matters.
  • Cost of Services or Products obtained from outside sources. Broker will not obtain or order products or services from outside sources unless Tenant agrees in writing to pay for them immediately when payment is due, i.e. surveys, soil tests, engineering studies.

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