January 01, 2021

Buying Your First Home in 2021!

Purchasing a home is a big step to take, one that nobody takes lightly. Buying an apartment can be a bit less stressful than buying a house, but the difference is perhaps even negligible. You want this experience to go without a hitch. There are certain things you can definitely do to prepare yourself for this big life step. From finding the right real estate agent to understanding the ins and outs of financing your purchase, these tips should help you know how to buy an apartment in 2020. The basic tenet, though, would be to try to learn and understand as much as you can. Once you've done that, you should carefully consider all of your options.

Could there be a 2020 recession?

Economists sometimes like to yell wolf. However, it does not hurt to be cautious when planning as big a purchase as an apartment. The previous major recession was the result of a spiraling housing market. Unlike that one, the possible 2020 recession will probably be related to trade and geopolitical crises. A recession could even work in your favor as a buyer in some ways. You may end up being able to scoop up a property at a lower price because of it. If you plan on taking out a mortgage, chances are you will be able to pay off the loan based on your current financial possibilities.

One of the ways how to buy an apartment in 2020 in a safe and thoughtful way is to do so with an emergency fund ready. If you are lucky enough to have one, it will provide a safety net in the event of any unfortunate circumstances.

Know what you want

Before finding and moving into your new place, you will need to have a more or less clear vision of what you want. Think about the price you can afford, the neighborhood you want and size. The budget is often the strongest factor as it impacts what you can expect from both location and size. Experts suggest not going into too many details when thinking about what you want. People can sometimes go overboard and have expectations that are too high. What you should do is simply determine a couple of things that are important to you. Add to this a couple that would be honest deal breakers. This is the easiest way to prepare yourself for how to buy an apartment in 2020.

Hiring professional help

Find a good real estate agent

Having a good real estate agent can actually help you with the previous step as well. They can help you come up with realistic expectations of what you can get for the money you have. This is one of the things that people sometimes disregard and think they do not need professional help with. It is one of the most common mistakes people make. While it’s true you can scour the internet and look for apartments for sale, there are properties that will only be available to you through your real estate agent. They can also keep you up to speed with the bureaucratic side of knowing how to buy an apartment in 2020.


Hire good movers

Another piece of buying your own property that people like to do on their own is the move itself. You may feel like you want to cut as many unnecessary expenses as possible, but spending money on a reputable moving company can actually save you money in the long run. More importantly, hiring a local company like Verrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island will keep your mind focused on the purchase. You will surely agree that this part of your relocation requires your full attention. You do not want to be wasting time and focus thinking of packing supplies and renting a moving truck or begging friends to help you out. Hiring the movers will help you live better.

After you’re all moved in, you may also want to consider insuring your new home.

Get the financing

Experts suggest getting the financing figured out before you even start looking. In the current market, this is the most important trick to know if you plan to buy an apartment in 2020. Getting a preapproval for a home loan puts you in a much better negotiating position. The sellers will take you more seriously because you will be able to go through with the deal fairly quickly. Much more quickly than someone who has to get approval after finding the property in any case.

Another thing to be careful about when buying an apartment for the first time is your credit score. There are actually even a couple of easy ways to slightly improve your credit score. One of the things you can do is pay down your credit card balance. After this, you don't want to use it for two months. This requires a little bit of planning, but it’s a small thing you can do that will pay off in a big way. You should also be careful not to apply for additional credit before you close the deal. So things like other credit cards or car loans would be out of the question.

Hopefully, mortgage rates will not move much this year and something to be aiming for according to experts is a mortgage rate around 4%. When it comes to a down payment, it is no longer necessary to come up with 20% of the price upfront. In 2019, the median payment for first-time buyers was actually 6%. This is definitely something to keep in mind when considering how to buy an apartment in 2020.

How to buy an apartment in 2020

In the end, the main thing to do is to stay informed and make cautious moves. It might take you a little while, but if you employ all of these tricks, you are sure to move into your ideal apartment in no time.