November 01, 2019

How To Use The Holidays To Boost Your Property Value

It's holiday season and if you are trying to sell your home, you probably have more things on your mind than shopping for gifts, making meals and Christmas cards. Selling a property at Christmas time can be a bit more stressful than at another time of year, but it can also turn out to be a success. If you are considering selling your home soon, why not use the holidays to boost property value? Here are some of the ideas.


Make your house clean and tidy before the holidays

Whether you are thinking of selling or you have already listed your property, it never hurts to have your home clean and nicely organized. Plus, there is no better time to have your home cleaned and decluttered than before the winter holidays. Even though this is not an activity that is going to cost a fortune, it will still take some of your precious time, but it will be worth it. In fact, decluttering can be the easiest way to boost your property value quickly and the ROI is amazing.


 Use the holidays to boost property value by decluttering and cleaning


When looking for a home to buy, many people actually look for a new lifestyle. So, you are actually selling them yours. No matter how happy we are and how much we have - all of us would like to live better. A new home is always an opportunity to start over.

There is one more benefit of decluttering before holidays - you will be able to relocate with ease to your new apartment now that you have fewer possessions. Isn't that great?


Work on your curb appeal

Even though winter is not the most typical season for home-buying, it can be perfect for selling. What's great about listing your home during holidays is that you'll be dealing with the real buyers only. Going to open houses is many people's favorite pastime activity in springtime. But they won't be willing to waste their time during the winter holidays unless they are serious about buying.

Nobody can stay immune to the spirit of Christmas. If there's snow during holidays, half of your work on the curb appeal is done already. Your neighborhood will probably look even more attractive with house decorations and festive lights. You should do your best to embellish your property too.

 Improvig the curb appeal is easy during holidays



Unfortunately, decorating your house and yard for holidays is all that you can do outside during snowy months. You won't be able to plant some new trees or flowers, but on the other hand, you will not have to deal with grass either.

It is easier to create that homey and comfy vibe during holidays too. Homes smell like holiday food, families are gathered around a fireplace, who wouldn't like to be a part of that scene? Every family appears to live better during the holidays.


Use the holidays to boost property value by refreshing your walls and floors


A new coat of paint can do miracles. And, the best thing about repainting your home is that it can be a budget-friendly activity that almost every family member can participate in. If you are preparing your home for sale, the experts would advise you to opt for brighter and more neutral colors since those appeal to most home-buyers.

Holidays can be a good time to refresh your floors too. Since it is winter, we don't advise you to paint the floors or do anything that requires time to dry, but you can refresh your carpets or rugs. If buying the new ones is not an option, have them cleaned properly or remove them.

Here's an idea - maybe you can try rearranging the furniture in a Feng Shui manner. Those could be some small, modern hacks that a home-buyer can find appealing.


Fix everything that can be fixed

Prospective home-buyer will always look for some things that need to be fixed around your home. Of course, they will bring that up when the time comes for negotiating the price.

We agree that holidays are not perfect timing for hiring a plumber, electrician or any other handyman unless there is an emergency. The best moving companies such as will also be booked for holidays, so even if you find a buyer for your home that quickly, don't plan your relocation around Christmas.

But, since you will be spending more of your time at home than you usually would, maybe you can try and do some DIY repairs. If you are not so confident, maybe you could ask a friend or a relative to help you. Or you can stick to some errands that just cannot go wrong such as:

  • oiling the squeaky door hinges or garage doors - use the holidays to boost property value by doing some things you have been neglecting during the year;

  • changing the doorknobs if that has to be done;

  • repainting some of the less prominent doors - pantry or basement doors for example;

  • changing the light bulbs where necessary - even such small things can make a bad impression on a potential home-buyer.



Use the holidays to boost property value by investing in kitchen and bathroom

For the greatest return of the investment, you should consider upgrading or renovating your kitchen and bathroom. Surely, your budget will dictate the level of your renovations. It is very important to set the budget before you start the works. Doing the opposite is one of the most common mistakes people make when investing in real estate


Invest Many kitchen appliances will be on sale during holidays




If you can afford a complete kitchen makeover - do not hesitate to do so during these holidays. The real estate prices are on the rise and you will return your investment in no time. However, if such a remodel is out of your price range at the moment, you can at least replace or repaint the outdated cabinets' doors. Don't forget that holidays are perfect for buying new appliances since the retailers are struggling hard for our attention and the discount prices are as low as they get. Be prepared and know what you are looking for before the sale season starts and you will be able to update your kitchen on a budget this winter!

Bathrooms can also make a good return on investment. A lot of vanities, fixtures, toilets and bathroom accessories can be found at a fraction of their regular price when you buy them around Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Increase the functionality of your home this winter

If you decided to use the holidays to boost property value, you can invest in some smart features too. If this is too much for you to tackle this year, you can make it one of your New Year's resolutions. We wish you a happy New Year and of course - live better in 2020!